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Baby Cakes and James

I have two goddaughters. They’re not real goddaughters, in the religious gist; I just call them that. They came from the sister God gave me because my parents didn’t. It makes sense in my world. Anyway, they’re delightful and funny, … Continue reading

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Some Mornings Are Different

Is it really all random? Here’s a story. You be the judge. Awakened one morning and checked email. Saw the date. Ah. The birthday of a friend. One I hadn’t seen in 15 years. Or talked to either. Every year … Continue reading

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In the Beginning

It wasn’t a sentimental beginning. He called because he’d been separated for quite some time, in the middle of a divorce. He knew I was widowed. I didn’t know about him. He told me. Asked me to a baseball game. … Continue reading

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T Minus Ten Days and Counting

I don’t think the months have diminished the high of the World Series win. Tomorrow, when part of the world is eating wings and nachos, dialed into the the Super Bowl, I will know pitchers and catchers report in nine … Continue reading

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