Monthly Archives: April 2011

Road Trip!

Just back from a road trip. Round trip Las Vegas, two consecutive days. Drove nine hours. Napped a deuce on arrival. Slammed a little food. Heard music at a club. Slept. Out by 6AM. Drove home. Done. Butt sprung. Perfect. … Continue reading

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Thinkin’ Even God Has His Days

Been thinkin’. I know. Scary. It gets pretty random. Not like Charlie Sheen or anything. I don’t claim to have tiger blood. Never thought for a moment I’m a rock star from Mars. Thinkin’ about good things and not so … Continue reading

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Foam Upon the Shore

Perhaps souls speak to each other first. Then the bodies find out. And brain and voice follow with words. Maybe it’s timing. Maybe it’s random. Or, I have one of those faces. Went to see my dad this morning, early. Requested … Continue reading

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