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Don’t Hate

Very clever rebuttal to recent potato mashing – er, I mean, bashing. Enjoy! Alexandra Petri writes the ComPost blog, offering a lighter take on the news  and opinions of the day. She joined the The Post as an intern in 2010, after graduating … Continue reading

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Sky of Surprise

On-line check-in for a flight. Look at my UAL stats and see I’ve flown three quarters of a million miles. With United. Not countin’ American, Delta and Northwest, all of which have had my rear strapped to a seat peering … Continue reading

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Friday Makin’ Promises

Somethin’ about high Friday. Livin’ on the edge. Straddlin’ responsibility and abandon. Inviting all kinds of shenanigans. Hidin’ down the street, peekin’ ‘round the corner. One eyebrow raised. Friday likes nothin’ better than a mischievous plan.    Clock tickin’ down … Continue reading

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