Monthly Archives: July 2011

Multi-Tasking Mania

Multi-tasking. Invented in the 20th century. Perfected in the next. Maybe. Go with me here. Use your imagination. Second story windows need washing. Extension ladder, bucket, squeegee. Man of the house goes up. I stay below with cell phone in case … Continue reading

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È Buono! È Italiano!

I’ve never been cool. The kind of person who couldn’t even rent a person to be cool in my place. Didn’t sit at the cool table in school. Never went to a dance or prom. Didn’t really even date. I’d … Continue reading

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Heathrow Connection

Heathrow. 5:20AM. Teeming with passengers. Awaiting turbo charged chariots. Language, tradition, costume, religion, food. Passports. A diversity explosion. Worldwide destinations. Places I’ve never heard of. Diapers and strollers, mingling with Blackberries and briefcases.  Business and pleasure early in the day. … Continue reading

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