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Bulk Mailing – So Sorry

To my valued subscribers,  I too am on the Is It Really All Random? subscription feed so I’ll know if/when it’s working improperly. This afternoon I received a post of seven months ago. I recently received one post twice, then multiple posts … Continue reading

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I’m the One, And It’s Okay

I’m the one who visits my infant daughter’s grave. Surprise. I found flowers there. And a stuffed toy. A blue Smurf. Wearing a red cap.    An artificial autumn arrangement of yellow sunflowers and orange leaves. Standing tall in a … Continue reading

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Colored Candy Love

My mind wandered while rolling biscotti dough into requisite logs for baking. I sprinkled them with small colored candies as my grandmother did. Nowhere have I seen biscotti decorated as she did. I see them dipped in chocolate, dark or … Continue reading

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Holy Honking Holiday Spirit!

Christmas spirit isn’t a constant or so I’ve observed. I think mine fluctuates and I’ve noticed the ebb and flow in others, too. Some years I want a big ol’ tree, threatening to roll from the roof of the car, … Continue reading

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Junction of Provence & Route 66

Home now and have been for a little while. Not much jet lag after a long journey to the U.S. Multiple plane changes; one barely made it connection followed by a long flight, a protracted wait, and finally the six-hour leg that … Continue reading

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