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In Eric’s Memory

I know very little about Eric. He was an adult, youngest child of an elderly, youngest daughter. Adored by his family especially his widowed mom and his aunties. Described to me as talented, witty, tender, funny, and most of all, … Continue reading

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Lucy & Ricky

Lucy and Ricky. Fred and Wilma. Rob and Laura. Bonnie and Clyde. They’ve been known by these iconic names. They did their pas de deux on King Street and when we lived briefly in a hotel while seeking new digs, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me

Today I’m 60. Whoops. Am I supposed to tell anyone? You think you’re surprised?  A few days ago if I’d kicked off at an age beginning with the number five it probably would have elicited a sentiment like, “What a shame. That’s … Continue reading

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