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Racism, Accountability, and Paula Deen

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled programming (my promised entries on Eldercare) because I need to get random here. Paula Deen. I don’t know if she’s a racist. I haven’t talked to her in years. Okay, I’ve never met her. All that cooking and never once has … Continue reading

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The Protection Racket

Identity.  It has a clear, maybe not simple, definition for me. It’s the reputation I have with myself. Who I say I am. What I’m proud of. My talents, skills, competencies; the roles I play. My perception of my weaknesses … Continue reading

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Working the System

They met at age 12, married at 21, stayed married for 63 years. And both were gravely ill, together, as they’d always been. We never imagined that. Moreover, they hadn’t either. For the first time since seventh grade, my parents … Continue reading

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