About Pamela

After spending my early career in healthcare, first in a hospital setting and then as a practice administrator, I made a leap to management consulting with an emphasis on training and coaching. My favorite part of all these roles has been communication. I enjoyed my years in healthcare because I was translating patients to doctors, doctors to patients and each other, and healthcare to legislators and insurers. I relied on communication skills to build environments of collaboration before communication became my career.

Born in Palo Alto, I call the Bay Area home. I’ve lived for periods in Houston, Baltimore, Atlanta, and Buffalo. Today I still travel the country for business and recreation looking for similarities and differences in geography, culture, goals, generation, and even food. I frequently observe our national paradox; that which we value, our freedom and diversity, is often at the root of our conflicts. My commitment to myself, and those with whom I work and play, is to contribute to deeper conversations for greater effectiveness and satisfaction.

An unintended consequence of a high tech, mobile world is that we interrupt play with work, and work with play. We’ve removed some of the traditional barriers between our professional and personal lives. Now we can integrate them to the degree we choose and as we find appropriate for the jobs we’re doing and the goals we’ve set.

To fully represent this shift, that’s what I’ve done on this website. With a nod to the poet Robert Frost, my vocation and avocation are housed under one roof. If you’re here evaluating me as a potential consultant for your business, you can view me in different lights. If you’re visiting for grief support at One Bite At a Timeor amusement as a Random reader, you now know what else I do.

As in work and play, high tech and high touch are powerful in combination, so are listening and speaking, and critical and creative thinking. These aren’t opposites. They’re two sides of the same coins, all enhanced by the other. As we flex back and forth energy builds and we get things done.  That’s what I call making a difference.

In each area, work, play, and making a difference, communication is front and center. Whether consulting in organizations, coaching private clients, telling stories in Random, or a reaching across an expanse of grief and loneliness, communication is the tool I have. It’s the one we all have to achieve the outcomes we seek.

That’s how I see it. If you do, too, come on. Let’s make a difference.