Make a difference
If you’re grieving a loss, it can make a difference hearing from one who has also walked that path. Though details differ and only you know exactly how you feel, profound sorrow rings a similar jagged, painful, agonizing, and alienating note.

If you’re on this road, One Bite At a Time documents my experience in blog form. I offer it that you might know some have crawled and eventually walked back to life after loss.

Bite also includes stories of those who stood by and sometimes stood in for me. If you’re attempting to support someone through a loss, believing you don’t know the right things to do or say, please, think again. You, present and authentic, are just right. You are healing magic that can make a difference.

The difficult truth is we can’t reverse a loss for someone we care about no matter how much we’d like to. We can’t erase their pain. The good news is, they already know that. They have no expectation that their situation can be fixed by us. It’s okay to say, “I’m scared I’ll say or do something that makes it worse.”

In the face of others tiptoeing around a tragedy, you’re likely to hear, “Thank you for saying that out loud. I’m glad you came.”

Science tells us living organisms respond to environment. Show up. Summon your courage in the face of your helplessness, bring your warmth including your fears. Then trust nature to do its healing part.

One Bite At a Time shines a light on the hard work of being genuine and vulnerable whether you’re grieving or supporting someone who is. It’s a chronicle of pain and healing with the belief that it will make a difference.

WordPress believes Bite is something special and awarded it with its “Freshly Pressed” distinction for “enlightening, inspiring and entertaining”.

If you think you or a loved one are in an emotional or suicidal crisis, visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline online, or call 800.273.TALK.