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I remember what I wore that day. What my boy was wearing. We never wore those clothes again. We gave them away. Down to my favorite red winter coat with black velvet trim. I had looked at my watch. My … Continue reading

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Freshly Pressed

The editors at WordPress chose “Insides and Outsides” to feature in Freshly Pressed on the WordPress home page. For you non-blogger types, this is a really nice distinction spotlighting noteworthy blogs that may otherwise go undiscovered. It also means certain benchmarks have been met. … Continue reading

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Insides and Outsides

I’d always been round. A chubby child. Pleasantly plump. Pink cheeks on fair skin. Dark, dark, wavy hair. A cherubic babe from a Renaissance painting born to a later era. I felt like a near-miss. Mine is the least reliable … Continue reading

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