I’m the author of Is It Really All Random?, a story-telling blog with an eye toward spotlighting the extraordinary within life’s seemingly ordinary stories.

Random began as a pursuit to exercise creative energy. Within six months of its launch 100 countries were represented on its readership list, and tens of thousands of individuals had popped by for a story or two. I didn’t expect to enjoy myself as much or entertain others to the degree I have. I’ve learned a story nugget is hidden within life’s most mundane routines.

My colleague, Angela Thoburn, and I co-authored a book, The Key to Me: Reflection & Memoir in Lists. It’s the first in a series of books for self-reflection, journaling and shorthand memoir. Its focus is self-reflection as an essential discipline for expanded critical and creative thinking in personal and professional life.

Does this sound like work? Like play? You make the call. I’m not always certain. But I do know that I’m changed for the better by taking time to observe and write about my environment. Those who read Random or use Key to Me tell me they’re affected by the stories they find and choose to see the world a bit differently because of it.

So as usual, I find work and play laced together and making a difference.