Freshly Pressed

The editors at WordPress chose “Insides and Outsides” to feature in Freshly Pressed on the WordPress home page. For you non-blogger types, this is a really nice distinction spotlighting noteworthy blogs that may otherwise go undiscovered. It also means certain benchmarks have been met.

I believe writers write because they must. I write because I breathe. I don’t much consider the alternative. I strive to do it well and to make a contribution. Having that pursuit recognized by those tasked with unearthing unique and worthwhile work is special to me.

In teaching corporate communication workshops I encounter participants who would have me quickly list what they call the tools. It’s challenging to build a case for a shift in focus from doing to being but that’s what I do. I’ve been known to say that the risk one takes to show up as genuine and vulnerable in conversation will in the end produce something more significant than finely honed skills and tools. That’s my opinion anyway. That’s the compass I follow.

So one WordPress editor’s comment to me, “…an intimate and honest piece,” was particularly meaningful as confirmation of my magnetic north.

To new visitors checking out One Bite At a Time as a result of Freshly Pressed exposure, welcome! Thank you for coming by and know I take your time seriously.

And to WordPress, thank you for the acknowledgement and encouragement.

About Pamela Hester King

Wife, mama, gramma, bestie and friend, colleague and coach. These are my roles. Artist, writer, observer and thinker, gardener and baker; all around creative spirit. These make me.
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9 Responses to Freshly Pressed

  1. Dee Hester says:

    Wow! Terrific recognition and well deserved!

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    • Thanks for the link, Mike, and the great laugh. Poor Cheri – she must get lots of email from nervous bloggers/writers. She got one from me as well. As for the *Freshly Pressed* neurosis, definitely. Definitely. Even my computer is sick of me.

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  4. Hi Pamela, just to say congrats to you and thanks for the pingbacks! You’re a star! Cheers! 🙂

  5. ashanam says:

    Again, you’ve given me something interesting to think about. Thanks!\

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