I found this article fascinating because it articulated something I believe to be true yet had not previously consciously considered. I had, and have, rituals. They’ve helped me.

Though I don’t go to the cemetery often, I always go close to Thanksgiving and leave Christmas wreaths for my lost loved ones.

I make a point of  taking the day off on my daughter’s birthday and I do something healing for myself.

And as a friend of mine said to me long ago, “Place something beautiful where you see it first thing in the morning.” Vicki was right. I’ve done so ever since, over 25 years now. A lovely Nambé heart-shaped bowl is on my nightstand and it’s filled with other glass hearts I’ve collected through the years.

I hope you find something in this 2014 article written by Emily Esfahani Smith, and published in The Atlantic, that resonates for you. And if you haven’t established a healing ritual, maybe now is the time to try. Link to the article below.

A Free Syrian Army fighter prays after eating his iftar (breaking fast) meal during the holy month of Ramadan in the rebel-held town of Dael


In Grief, Try Rituals


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