Today Facebook reminded me that five years ago I made a post on my late husband’s birthday. He was 73 on that day.

I didn’t need reminding. I already knew he’d be 78 today. I remembered yesterday, and this morning as I awakened. Undoubtedly a different man than I knew when he left at age 50. Just as certainly he’d be a wonderful grandfather as was his dad, Papa Loui.

Papa Tom.

As I sifted memories I reached for Tom’s favorite birthday cake. Nothing. Nothing came up. I don’t know any more what his favorite cake was. unnamed

I think that’s what we call healing. And it comes at a price.

At some point we have to ask ourselves if we’re willing to pay it. What memories will be lost if we allow ourselves to move forward?

#loveneverdies the hashtag says. I think it’s true.

Memories however do.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 


Anyone could be struggling with suicide.

About Pamela Hester King

Wife, mama, gramma, bestie and friend, colleague and coach. These are my roles. Artist, writer, observer and thinker, gardener and baker; all around creative spirit. These make me. https://pamelahesterking.com https://checkingtherearviewmirror.com https://isitreallyallrandom.blogspot.com
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